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Clare is a painter of abstract work based in London.  Her paintings are purely abstract allowing the viewer to have their own relationship with the work.

Clare’s abstracts are visual conundrums for the eye to undertsand. Marks and lines provide the scaffolding for the viewer to build and image that they can recognise from their own memories and reasoning. Paint being the subject itself allows a freedom of exploration of marks and colour.  She uses this to build strong compositions that unveil themselves throughout the process of the painting.  

“The work is a personal experience. Emotion and reference are restrained allowing freedom for the viewer to create their own images, rarely they are the same.  Made with quick action emotive mark making, and pursuing a strong composition, the journey with the emerging painting becomes the end painting.  Abstract image becomes a vehicle for the viewers’ mind, playing with recognisable imagery that is not there, evoking a blurred memory that they resonate with; the painting pulling from their sub conscious an emotional connection which belongs only to the viewer themselves.”

Explanation of Work

I work with acrylic paint, the deep pigments of the Golden acrylic brand give a beautiful depth of colour. Working at speed, fast drying is an advantage. Canvasses are left turned around, then revisited, one painting may take many months to emerge and others I work on continuously.

Size of canvas varies from small to life size. Larger work allows sweeping gestures of the whole arm, more complex compositions and a feeling that one could step into the canvas and be part of the work. Smaller work concentrates the compositions into intricate deep pathways on the canvas.

Sometimes I work on a stretched canvas, other times I staple the canvas to the wall and work spills over beyond the confines of the canvas. The paintings feel that they do not end but are a snapshot from a larger picture.

Contact Info

I would love to hear from private clients, art consultants, gallery representatives and any other interested parties. Please use the contact details below to arrange a meeting. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my work and any requirements you may have, over a cup of tea at the studio.

Address: Studio 415, Wimbledon Art Studios, 10 Riverside Yard, London, SW17 0BB

Mobile: 07812 021385