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Wimbledon Art Fair November 2018 Marketing Campaign

Last June 2018 I was very kindly asked to participate and feature alongside two other artists in the up and coming marketing campaign for Wimbledon Art Fair. Always happy to oblige but also cringing at the thought of close up photos and then …..dread of dread an interview. We know how most people clamp their hands on their ears when there hear themselves talking and I am no exception! The other challenge it to articulate my work in a way that everyone can relate to even if you have never pondered the question of abstract art before. Just as importantly that I looked O.K in the photos (shallow but a natural fact of life) I rushed to get my hair done and wore a suspicious amount of make up than normal to the Studio promoting my husband to enquire if I was meeting anyone special.

The day of the shoot was about 110 degrees which added a nice element of sweating into the mix of nerves and heat!
We set up an open studios with the other artists the very talented Alex Rennie and Felipe Corcione, whist working on our paintings, and Felipe his gorgeous clay work of intricate flowers. Phil Venter the photographer and videographer shot around us.

My interview concentrates on the questions regarding the process of my work, inspirations and where the images come from. Of course on Wimbledon Art Fair and why you should come!!. I joined the studios year and half ago after leaving full time job in international fashion sales to concentrate on my work both in practise and the theoretical about what I am doing and research that goes with that.

Love Clare